The clubs at Toronto Prep appeal to a variety of interests and abilities. Clubs are one way for a student to extend her learning beyond the regular school day. These clubs also serve as social mixers and allow students tomeet others with similar interests. It is hoped that each student can find an outlet for expression in one or more of these organizations!

Students can request information regarding specific clubs and organizations by visiting the Main Office or Guidance.





Chess Club

Welcome to the Chess Club

Chess has survived and thrived for over a thousand years. It’s more popular now than ever. Why? Come see for yourself. At the TPS Chess Club you can not only learn how to play chess, but also gain the proficiency to enjoy the fascination of this ancient game for the rest of your life.

What is Chess?
 Chess is many things to many people. It’s…

  • a game to the young
  • a sport for the competitive
  • an art to the creative
  • a mystery to the detective
  • a recreation to the weary
  • a science to the logical
  • a puzzle that can’t be solved
  • a language spoken ’round the world
…and it’s just plain fun.

Math Club

TPS Math Club invites all Mathletes to join

This group meets to establish and discuss solutions to Math problems. Members are encouraged to take part in Math contests. The emphasis is on developing skills, insights and an appreciation for Mathematics. Participation is a good way to prepare for the annual Canadian Mathematics Competition.

Photography Club

The Photography Club is closely associated with the Yearbook. We take pictures of all kinds of school and student activities. The taking and development of pictures are the everyday pursuits of the photography club. We also have some special events and social activities.

We also compete for the photo of the month featured in the monthly school newsletter.


Engineering Design Club

The TPS Engineering Design Club is an exciting experience for anyone interested in robotics, engineering, technology, website development, computer-aided drawing, machining, and design. It is a wonderful opportunity to see how mathematics, science, and communication skills transform into fully functional robots or into engineering marvels.

Art Club

The purpose of the Art Club is to promote awareness and participation in the visual arts. Students in the Art Club can develop their skills further than the limited time the classroom allows. The Art Club enables students to pursue a special project that they want to engage in that requires more time and resources than generally available in class. Students can also learn how to prepare for an art exhibition. Additionally, students can develop their skills in a variety of forms of artistic expression such as sculpture, painting, and printmaking. In essence the Art Club provides a venue to express creativity.

Newsletter / Yearbook

Toronto Prep issues a monthly newsletter chronicling the happenings of the past month and reminding our student body and parents of upcoming events.

The Yearbook Club is an organization developed to create and design the yearbook in essence it produces a record of the year’s activities. Researchers, reporters, photographers, editors, advertising representatives and layout artists are some of the positions held by dedicated students. Students in the yearbook club work to improve their skills and then apply them to the yearbook. It requires a great deal of writing and time. It also requires time outside of class and school to take pictures and work on copying or editing at deadline time. It becomes a daily practice of journalism skills to stay ahead of the action and be prepared for upcoming events.


(Southern Ontario Model United Nations Assembly)

The Southern Ontario Model United Nations Assembly (SOMA) is North America’s largest Model United Nations run for and by high school students. SOMA’s 39th session will take place from April 27th to 29th, 2011, offering engaging debate on the most pressing issues in international relations today. The objectives of SOMA are the advancement of education with respect to international affairs and diplomacy, and the improvement of skills in debating and public speaking through participation in the Assembly.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a self directed development 
programme for young Canadians age 14 to 25.

The Programme will equip you with life skills to make a difference to yourself, your community and your country. Mental or physical ability or social circumstances should never be a barrier. There are three Award levels to achieve: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Achieving an award is as easy as setting and achieving your personal goals in the four areas of the programme: Community Service, Skills, Physical Recreation and Adventurous Journey.

Debate Society

It has been said that, “a good debater has the privilege of being right … all the time”

As a member of the Toronto Prep School Debating Society you will refine your persuasive speaking skills – a talent that will benefit other aspects of your life and you will improve your ability to:

  • research, organize information, and make a persuasive argument
  • defend a point with evidence, not emotion
  • speak in front of groups
  • understand others better when you have to argue for something that you are really against
  • be fair, listen, and wait your turn
  • to enunciate and gain confidence in your speaking abilities

Music Club

Music club is home to music players and appreciators. It shares a stage, lighting rig, and sound system with the  TPS drama department. It is where students and teachers plug-in after school. It is where we engage with each other  and our building in a different capacity: as artists. Music club members meet between classes, after school, and over email; creating a culture that values expression, courage, space, and vulnerability. This group requires no formal membership, experience, or practice. It only asks that you communicate through music, first, and speak, secondly. These principles are on display every spring showcase, inspiring our TPS community to reconsider themselves as musicians alike.

Gaming Club

The gaming club is a weekly gathering of students interested in board games and computer games. Students challenge each other in games of strategy, like the award winning Settlers of Catan, and try to wrap their minds around perplexing puzzles, like the spacial machinations of Portal. The club is welcoming to beginners and experts alike, and meets every Monday after school. We play new games often, so if you have a favourite, bring it in, and we’ll be happy to give it a try!

Investors Club

The Investors Club meets weekly to discuss investing strategies, the global economy, and major impacts and influences on the markets. A friendly competition amongst the members is waged through a virtual stock market contest hosted by . Currently there are two contests running simultaneously, each with a $10,000 virtual start but one limited to shares under $5 while the second contests shares valued at above $5. All are invited to challenge for the title of Top Investor. Contests start every September and end in June.

Reach for the Top

Reach for the Top is an inter-school quiz programme where students from across the country play off against each other at the league level, provincial level, and finally, the national level. The Provincial and national finals in which these “Schoolreach” teams compete are called “Reach for the Top,” the television show that started it all.

Recreational Hockey

In what has become an annual tradition, TPS hockey stars meet every Wednesday morning at Leaside Gardens to display their considerable skill. The club is open to anyone, regardless of skill level, with hockey equipment, a desire to improve their game. Rumour has it that the Maple Leafs, looking to upgrade their talent, have taken to scouting these early morning skates!