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What are your passions?


The clubs at Toronto Prep appeal to a variety of interests and abilities. Clubs are one way for a student to extend their learning beyond the regular school day. These clubs also serve as social mixers and allow students to meet others with similar interests. It is hoped that each student can find an outlet for expression in one or more of these organizations!

●  Chess Club
●  Mathematics Club
●  Photography Club
●  Engineering Design Club
●  Art Club
●  Gender & Sexuality Alliance (GSA)
●  Tea Club
●  Comic and Gaming Club
●  Reach for the Top

●  Newsletter / Yearbook
●  The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
●  Debate Society
●  Jewish Culture Club
●  Music Club
●  Investors Club
●  Recreational Hockey

Students can request information regarding specific clubs and organizations by visiting the Main Office or Guidance.

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