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Getting to know each other!


Having fun and getting to know each other were the orders of the day for our camp orientation. The camp provided us with the perfect opportunity for our new students to bond with our returning student body.

Moreover, it gave our faculty the opportunity to get to know our students and for our students to appreciate the multi-faceted individuals who teach their classes. Many group events took place on a daily basis affording our student body with the structure to connect and interact with their peers. Along with the many outdoor athletic activities including archery, trapeze, football, soccer, basketball, ball hockey, tennis, golf, zip-lining, canoeing, fishing, swimming, and ultimate frisbee, the students took part in valuable leadership exercises, survival training and cooperative exercises.

The students shared living quarters and at meal time we all ate together as a family. The camp also signaled the kick off to our House Competitions highlighted by a spectacular night-time opening ceremony to the TPS Games. Most assuredly, our students reconnected with some familiar faces, and definitely made new, and hopefully lasting friendships.

We thank the Nashman family for their hospitality and look forward to our return. Events such as the Egg Toss, the Smarties Pass, Capture the Flag, Biggest Burp, Best House Sign and Origin Legend, Cupcake Drop, Tug of War and a half day Obstacle Course were some of the highlights of the House Competitions contested at Camp Wahanowin.

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