The school House System was inaugurated when Toronto Prep School was founded and is the lifeblood of TPS spirit. All students and staff (except for the Principal) are allocated to Houses. Each is a member of that House for life.

The House system provides a framework for intramural, athletic, charity fundraising, and community competitions. Points are awarded for participation in all facets of school life including academic achievement, effort, good deeds, and volunteer work.

The House system is intended to foster individual growth and create student relationships across all grade levels. All grade levels participate in school wide contests resulting in more positive interaction between juniors and seniors and a sense of unity.

There are four Houses named after mythological creatures – Centaur (blue), Pegasus (red), Phoenix (green) and Minotaur (orange). There is a House Captain and Vice-Captain of each House selected from the Grade 12 students. Staff members are instrumental in the organization and planning of strategy and selection of House representatives.

At the end of the school year members of the House with the most House Points are rewarded with an excursion. An annual trophy will be presented to the House with the most points and reside in their possession until the following year’s competition comes to a close.