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Toronto Prep School is excited to announce a new partnership with the University of Toronto (“UofT”) Bookstore. The UofT Bookstore will now be Toronto Prep’s go-to source for course materials, gym uniforms, spirit wear, school supplies, and more.

The UofT Bookstore has a long history of serving the University of Toronto community, and we are confident that they will provide the same level of service excellence to Toronto Prep families. Here are some key things to know about the partnership:


Course Textbooks & Materials

The UofT Bookstore will carry all of the textbooks and some course materials required for your child’s classes. Books for Fall 2021 are now available for purchase on their website and in their flagship store at 214 College St. (the designated TPS section can be found in the store’s Great Hall on the 2nd floor). Online orders can be shipped directly to your home, shipped to TPS, or picked up by appointment at the UofT Bookstore.

To purchase course materials from the UofT Bookstore online, go to www.uoftbookstore.com/toronto-prep-school and follow these steps: 

  1. Scroll down until you see four dropdown menus prompting you to select a "Campus Term", "Department", "Course", and "Section".
  2. Under 'Select a Campus Term", select "TORONTO PREP SCHOOL - FALL 2021".
  3. Under "Select a Department", select your child's grade (e.g. for a child entering Grade 8, select "GR08 - GRADE 8".)
  4. Under "Select a Course", select the first subject you would like to view materials for. 
  5. Under "Select a Section", select the period your child is taking the subject. If there are not multiple periods listed, select "ALL".
  6. Click "ADD COURSE TO LIST". Courses that have been added to your list will appear on the right side of the page.
  7. Repeat steps 3 to 6 (from selecting your child's grade through to adding the course to your list) for all classes your child will be taking. 
  8. Once your list is complete, click "GET YOUR BOOKS". You will be directed to a page listing assigned materials by course. NOTE: Although a "Used" button will appear next to all materials, the UofT Bookstore will not be sourcing used books for Toronto Prep. These will remain available through parent-to-parent resale via Edsby.
  9. All materials are automatically selected to be added to your cart. If there are any materials you do not wish to purchase, click the minus sign on the "New" button or enter "0" in the quantity box to remove them. 
  10. Once you have reviewed the items, click "PURCHASE" to be taken to your cart, where you may choose to checkout or continue browsing the site.

For assistance shopping for course materials online, please contact torontoprep@uoftbookstore.com.


TPS Gym Uniforms & Spiritwear

TPS Gym Uniforms will now be available to purchase exclusively at the UofT Bookstore. All students taking a Physical Education or Personal Fitness course are required to have a TPS uniform. Go to the TPS Merch & Gym Uniform tab. The UofT Bookstore also operates onsite garment printing and embroidery at their College St. location through their subsidiary business, Campus Outfitters. They have created an exciting collection of new TPS branded clothing and accessories for us. Staple pieces will be available for purchase year-round, and additional items will be available by special pre-order throughout the year.


School Supplies

The UofT Bookstore also offers a wide selection of notebooks, pens, pencils, binders, electronics, and other key school supplies. If specific items are a required for a class, such as a certain model of calculator or lab supplies, they will carry those items as well (where possible).


Custom Item Creation

Through Campus Outfitters, the UofT Bookstore is able to create a variety of customized apparel and other merchandise for members of the TPS community, with low order minimums and a preferential pricing structure. If you or your child is part of a part of a club, team, or other group that would be interested in creating custom items, reach out to torontoprep@uoftbookstore.com to be put in touch with the Campus Outfitters team.


Customer Support

To ensure a seamless transition to shopping with the UofT Bookstore, their team is happy to support us however they can. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email them at torontoprep@uoftbookstore.com. 

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