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pac logo and words - parent advisory councilDear Parents,

One of the goals of Toronto Prep School is to establish a friendly, collegial atmosphere within the school community. The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) was formed to help achieve this goal. The PAC facilitates a closer liaison between the parents and the staff/ administration, organizes and engages in fundraising activities both in support of student fundraising events and for the benefit of the students, assists in organizing social activities for the school community, and addresses issues of importance to parents and students from the point of view of parents of students.


As you can appreciate, to undertake all these activities it is necessary for us to maintain a treasury, and so we ask each family in the school community to make a voluntary donation to PAC in the amount of $40.00 to cover our expenses throughout the upcoming school year.


If you would like to contribute, please return a cheque payable to “Toronto Prep School, Parent Advisory Council” in the amount of $40.00 and return it to the school with the attached form.


PAC is involved in many worthwhile and interesting initiatives within the school community. Look for the notice of our initial meeting early in the school year, and if you would like to participate, please let us know by indicating your interest in the space below. Thank you and we look forward to meeting with and working with you in the exciting school year ahead!

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