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Rosenbaum Adam


Adam is a dedicated educator who draws upon teaching experiences in multiple countries. He earned a Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Health and Physical Education graduating with Honours from the University of Newcastle, Australia. Adam has completed several specialist teaching courses covering areas of special education such as Autism, ADHD and Learning Disabilities. He joined Toronto Prep in 2014 after relocating from Australia. Adam was born and raised in the coastal town of Port Macquarie in Australia. It is where he began his teaching career before traveling to North America and Europe. He then went on to teach in Cambridge, United Kingdom, before continuing his teaching career in Sydney, Australia. In Sydney, he taught full time in a special education school and was an advocate for the inclusivity of students with special needs. He assisted with the development of supportive programs throughout Sydney that still currently operate. Adam then relocated to Canada and found his way to Toronto Prep. Throughout his journey, Adam has developed his teaching skills under a variety of experienced educators who he credits for continuing to fuel his passion for education. Adam is driven to find the best way to educate all types of learners. He draws upon his experiences of teaching in a variety of educational settings to identify ways that best cater to a student’s individual learning needs. He believes that each individual has the opportunity to be successful; they just need to be inspired and given the correct skills in order to do so. By providing guidance and mentorship, he views himself as a part of the journey with each student as they navigate their way through the challenges that present themselves. Adam can be found coaching a multitude of sports at Toronto Prep and strongly believes that healthy living and participation in physical activity is a vital part of a student’s education. Adam is a passionate sportsman who has played an integral role in developing the sport of Touch Rugby in Canada and is currently the Captain and Coach of Toronto Touch Rugby. In his spare time, Adam enjoys exploring the variety of neighbourhoods that Toronto offers with his family, as well as avidly following the Raptors and Blue Jays. “Being a teacher is a privilege. It is great knowing that each day you have the ability to inspire and to help a student achieve their goals. The reward is seeing the growth of a student after they have put in the hard work required. Each day and each student bring something different and that is what makes teaching interesting and fun.”


O'Dwyer Shannon


Shannon is a compassionate educator with a passion for the biological sciences. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Queen's University, and earned a Master's of Education degree from Niagara University. This is Shannon's second year at Toronto Prep. Prior to TPS, Shannon has worked at other independent schools in the GTA. In Shannon's classroom, students will be challenged to think critically about the ways in which humans interact with and influence our environments. She likes to connect concepts in science to issues that students experience in their daily lives. She is consistent in helping her students develop their critical thinking, resilience, and problem-solving skills. Her goal is for her students to become curious learners; ready to seek out new information or experiences they are passionate about. Prior to teaching, Shannon participated in various research programs including a shark and cetacean research project in South Africa. Shannon has also travelled extensively in Europe, Africa, and South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. She has been to 24 countries so far and is always thinking about the next big trip. In her free time she enjoys cooking, crafting, and spending time with her dog and her family. "Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think." - Albert Einstein


Nicola Martin


In his second year as a member of the TPS team, Martin brings 9 years of teaching experience. He earned his Honours Bachelor of Science in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Toronto and is in the process of defending his Master of Science thesis in Biomedical Physics from Ryerson University. Martin is an enthusiastic teacher that attempts to engage all students in dialogue when faced with a Math problem. He finds that asking questions is the best way to engage and further the learning of his students. Martin believes that coming to class prepared with paper, a pen/pencil is important for setting an example later on in life. In his spare time, Martin enjoys Mixed Martial Arts and is currently training to be an amateur boxer. He also enjoys viewing comedy specials. “Be that teacher that inspires their students to achieve and transcend their limits in the classroom. This is the teacher they will remember the most 20 years down the road” - Neil Degrasse Tyson


Mccormick Alysha


Alysha McCormick is in her second year teaching at Toronto Prep School. She earned her Honours Bachelor of Arts in Children Studies whilst completing her concurrent Bachelor of Education at York University. A young professional, Alysha is extremely passionate about education and understanding how her students learn. Alysha is very approachable and ensures that students stay motivated in and outside the classroom. She believes that it is important to connect all aspects of the curriculum and make them understandable to the students she is teaching. This often includes integrating various aspects of literacy to all other subjects. She emphasizes the importance of staying organized, being prepared and managing your time well. These are all skills essential to the world, even outside of the classroom. Staying engaging and motivating for all of her students, Alysha makes her classroom a fun place to be. Alysha encourages students to step outside their comfort zone, in and outside of school. She believes it is important to set goals and see what we can do to meet those goals. Education is used to build not just those math skills or language skills, but the confidence in students to go out in society and do everything to the best of their ability. It is okay to make a mistake, this is how one grows. Alysha is a dedicated educator who is determined to serve the needs of her students so that everyone can be successful. Alysha was the first in her family to graduate from a post-secondary institution. She loves art and drama and hopes to be a part of any school plays at TPS. Alysha also grew up in a “Leafs” household, so she loves to watch her favourite Toronto team take the ice during winter. Evidently, she loves sports, and is eager to coach or assist any extra-curricular sports as they come up throughout the school year. "Aim for success, not perfection. Never give up your right to be wrong, because then you will lose the ability to learn new things”.


Stamper Matthew


Matthew earned both a degree and a diploma in Media and Journalism from the University of Guelph-Humber, and followed that with his Bachelor of Education from York University. This is his third year on staff at Toronto Prep School. Matthew is a passionate educator who believes that each student learns in their own unique way. He is dedicated to creating flexible environments where all students can strive, adapting and encouraging them along the way. Matthew is also a supporter of the creative process, allowing students to explore the feelings and ideas that inspire them to create strong artistic work. He is also a strong proponent of utilizing technology in the classroom to ensure that students are technologically literate for the 21st century. He is a spirited teacher who has coached table tennis, as well as both indoor and outdoor soccer at TPS. Matthew is also a member of the Toronto Prep Music Club, keeping a steady backbeat with either a bass or acoustic guitar. "The 'what' of the subject matter is far less important than the 'how' and 'why'. The last two are key to the critical thinking that I want all students to have by the time they leave my class."


Kinnear Steven


Steve is a highly motivated, enthusiastic, and dedicated educator who is excited to inspire his students to share his love of learning. He joined Toronto Prep School in the spring semester of its inaugural year, after teaching for four years at Bracebridge and Muskoka Lakes Secondary School. Steve earned his Honours Bachelor of Applied Science (Mechanical Engineering) from the University of Waterloo, his Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy) from St. Jerome’s University in Waterloo, and his Graduate Diploma of Teaching and Learning (Mathematics and Physics) from Christchurch College of Education in New Zealand. Steve is tireless in pursuit of student success. Most every morning and after school you will find students in his classroom seeking extra support to realize their potential. Steve is also an amazing resource for others in the school, especially in the areas of math and differentiated instruction. He is never satisfied with the “status quo,” and is constantly searching for new and better ways to connect his students with the subject they are studying. He truly has an enthusiasm and appreciation for the beauty of mathematics and conveys this to his students. Steve runs the Math Club and facilitates math contests throughout the school year. He is also the Award Leader for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award at TPS. Steve and his partner, Astrid, have a lovely young daughter who is an enthusiastic competitive swimmer. As a family, they enjoy canoe tripping, hiking, cross-country skiing, and indoor rock climbing. Steve also has a special passion for snowshoeing and camping in the winter. “I always thought that passion made a teacher great because it brought contagious energy into the classroom, but now I realize its deeper function. Passion for the subject propels that subject, not the teacher, into the center of the learning circle – and when a great thing is in their midst, students have direct access to the energy of learning and of life.” – Parker J. Palmer


Gray Christopher


Christopher is in his fifth year of teaching at Toronto Prep School and his eighth year teaching overall. He earned his Honours Bachelor of Arts (Double Major English/History) from University of Toronto in 2011 and his Bachelor of Education from The University of Ontario Institute of Technology in 2013. Christopher began his teaching career by following his dreams and teaching abroad in London, England. Not only did this allow him to experience and adapt to a new education system, but it also allowed him to travel and learn more about his subjects through new life experiences. During this time, he travelled to over 25 countries and was able to visit a number of historical sights. Additionally, he was granted the opportunity to take professional development in teaching Shakespeare at the Globe Theater in London. Christopher works hard to integrate technology into the classroom and is always looking for new ways to incorporate modern educational practices into his work. He believes strongly in the importance of connecting with students and works to develop student’s confidence, literacy, and above all their commitment to education. He believes that the most important thing a student can do is develop a love of reading, whether it be fiction, biographies, or even graphic novels. This love of reading can help develop a student’s ability to focus and their understanding of the world around them, both of which are important to education. In addition to his courses, Christopher coaches a variety of sports and coordinates the comic book, gaming, and anime club. The club meets once a week and does everything from playing quick games of Settlers of Catan, to running month long Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. It is in this club that many students have come to know him as more than just a teacher, but as a person as well. “In a dark place we find ourselves, and a little more knowledge lights the way” – Yoda


Pascos David


David is a creative soul. He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from York University and his Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto. David is committed to creating a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating and encouraging to his students. In his classroom everyone is both a teacher and a learner. Students learn as much from the lessons and practical skills as they do through each other and their collective experience. Deep friendships are forged in this type of learning environment, but more importantly so are deep roots of self-confidence and self-expression. He believes that the true value in the arts is not the final product, but the process by which that art is created. David admires and encourages students who experiment, and wish to go beyond the normal expectations of an arts course. Art in the real world has no bounds, and neither should it in the classroom. David helps coordinate the Toronto Prep School Arts Night, is the TPS Yearbook co-coordinator, the director of the Theatre Department, and overseer of all the school plays. Both students and staff recognize him as a person who has a deep passion for the arts and his students, and who is an invaluable part of the school’s creative community. In addition, David is married and has two young sons in elementary school. “Creativity is one of the most essential skills one can learn. The arts are our first forms of communication, our windows into human history, the sparks that generate innovations, and the rallying cries that propel us into the future. But learning through the arts is about much more than that - it’s also about honing our life skills; increasing our social awareness; practicing observational, analytical, and communication skills; and developing a keener sense of understanding (about ourselves, of each other, and of the world in which they live). Regardless of what future career a student pursues, these are skills they will take with them for the rest of their life”


Fleming Ian


Guidance Consellor

A Toronto native, Ian attended Cardinal Newman High School in Scarborough before earning his Bachelor of English from York University. He has worked with various GTA community outreach programs including Serve! Youth Organization, Diaspora Dialogues, Literature for Life, and Driftwood Community’s Recognize the Real. Eventually, Ian discovered a passion for the classroom after turning a self-published graphic novel into a literature curriculum for the Literature for Life Organization and Driftwood Community Centre Basketball Program. After dabbling in the world of corporate Communications he returned to his passion of education, teaching English and Social Studies at Brooklyn College in North York. He has been working in the Guidance Office at TPS since 2016 and is currently enrolled in the Ontario Psychotherapy and Counselling Program in pursuit of CRPO designation as a Registered Psychotherapist. Ian brings all of his community service, education, and a broad array of private sector work experience to bear when assisting TPS families. Feeding off a plethora of varied professional experiences, Ian harbours a philosophy of education based on the belief that value is derived from the ability to see the merit in every experience. He believes the foundation for a healthy education environment involves humility, persistent curiosity, respect, and resilience. He works to encourage students to create a consistent baseline of hard work and accountability, and then dare to grow well beyond their own expectations. Ian believes that there is always merit in questioning the status quo, but that all ventures into the unknown must be undertaken with great responsibility and care. In his role as Guidance Counsellor, his singular goal is to see students develop and maintain a position of personal fulfilment and strength as they step forward into life. In his personal time, Ian practices mindfulness meditation (Vipassana), and Tai Chi (Yang, and Chen). He is an avid fan of Arsenal FC and the Toronto Raptors and has played on various soccer and basketball teams since childhood. He has formerly published poetry and a graphic novel, and compulsively buys physical copies of books (suggestions always welcome). At this point in life, he is ready to admit that is essentially a groupie of the band Radiohead. Ian’s sister Samantha is a teacher at TPS, he has two other siblings, and a large portion of his family transplanted across the GTA from their native island of Grenada. “When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everybody will respect you.”


Eason T.J.


TJ is an enthusiastic and committed teacher with natural ability to appreciate and inspire students. He joined our staff at the onset of our second year and has been a stalwart ever since. His experience as a professional hockey player and a winner of the Memorial Cup in 2003 with the Kitchener Rangers of the Ontario Hockey League translates well to teaching as he has a keen understanding of enforcing discipline by firmly setting classroom rules and resolving conflicts among students by encouraging positive debate. He earned his Bachelor of Arts (Honours History) from the University of Prince Edward Island and his Bachelor of Education from OISE at the University of Toronto. TJ feels that getting to know students outside the classroom is central to the learning experience. By getting involved in extracurricular activities such as coaching ice hockey, ball hockey, volleyball, and basketball and taking students on multiple school outings it allows for the development of trust and a stronger bond with students which transfers over to the classroom. He is the coach of the seven-time defending U20 SSAF Boys Ball Hockey champions. TJ is an avid photographer and cook, and father to a lovely young daughter.


Fleming Samantha


Samantha Fleming is in her fourth year of teaching at Toronto Prep School. Prior to joining the TPS team, she worked at a number of private schools across the GTA, helping to develop the literacy skills of English Language Learners. She earned her degrees in English Literature and Human Geography from the University of Toronto and her Bachelor of Education at OISE. Samantha is dedicated to preparing her students to interact with others around the world by developing their critical thinking and critical consciousness, while ensuring that they are compassionate citizens ready to face and impact the world in their own unique way. In her English classroom she believes it is her responsibility to choose diverse texts that introduce her students to different cultures, as she recognizes that the need for empathetic education in this globalized world is more salient than ever before. Through her courses, she challenges her students to analyze multiple perspectives and be flexible thinkers ready to think and learn independently. Overall, her goal is to empower her students to develop their voice and teach them the necessary tools to use it effectively. Samantha is co-head of the TPS Muses and coach for the Elementary Flag Football Team. When not pouring over her students’ assignments, she can be found reading a good book, watching a horror movie, or planning her next vacation. “There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning”


Battista David



David has many years of teaching experience, both domestically and internationally. He has taught in the Northwest Territories, Alberta, and China, which has allowed him to bring valuable cultural experience into the classroom. He earned his Honours Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education, and Master of Arts in History degrees from Nipissing University. A lifelong learner, David is an enthusiastic educator who believes teachers should equip themselves with the knowledge of multiple strategies to assist students in their growth as learners. He genuinely wants to help youth develop their critical thinking skills and their passion for education. In this way, he is dedication to assisting students in realizing how they can make a positive impact in the community. Teaching and facilitating students to gain confidence in and out of the classroom is his goal. Aside from his duties inside the classroom, David is also physically active on a daily basis, which is a valuable trait he imparts onto students. He is active in multiple organized and recreational sports, including hockey, golf, running, and baseball. At past schools, he has coached hockey, soccer, cross country, and track and field. He looks forward to coaching multiple extra curricular sports at Toronto Prep School. “Every child deserves a champion: an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists they become the best they can possibly be.”


Turck Kiera


Kiera brings a wealth of international teaching experience to Toronto Prep School. She earned her Bachelor of Science (Honours) and her Bachelor of Education from Queen’s University. Upon graduation, Kiera moved to Italy and taught for several years at an international school, this was followed with a posting in Istanbul, Turkey at another prestigious preparatory high school for two years. Fortunately, for us, Kiera decided to come back home to Canada and continue her teaching career at Toronto Prep. Kiera possess a positive and effective teaching style with the willingness to work above and beyond the call of duty. Her amazing patience, understanding, and willingness to go above and beyond are unmatched as is her collaborative and supportive demeanour. Kiera is an effective communicator and resourceful teacher with proven ability to enhance students’ performance and empower them with knowledge and self-confidence. She serves as an excellent role model to both students and staff. Kiera teaches math and science which some students are excited about and love before they ever walk into her classroom while others see them as subjects which elicit fear and anxiety. Her goal as a teacher is to make the classroom an inviting, comfortable, and enjoyable place to be. Her hope in doing this, is that students will enjoy coming to a class even if they struggle with the subject matter or are only taking the course because it is a requirement for graduation. Her students understand her high expectations, and yet feel relaxed and eager to please. In addition, Kiera has coached the TPS curling team to the TDCAA Championship and a berth at OFSAA. She has also been involved the TPS Muses and has chaperoned a number of school trips including one to Ottawa and a hockey tournament to Pittsburgh. “To watch a student work hard and to persevere in spite of challenges is fantastic. Watching a student’s face when he or she reaches a goal is exceptionally rewarding and it’s the reason I started teaching and the reason I keep teaching year after year.”


Tsimikalis Steve


Co-Founder And Principal

Co-Founder of Toronto Prep School (2009), Steve brings 36 years of experience in the field of private education to his administrative, teaching, and coaching duties. He earned his Honours Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto, his Masters in Environmental Studies (Urban Planning) from York University and his Principal’s Certification from Ontario Federation of Independent Schools. A passionate and lifelong educator, Steve along with his wife and co-founder Fouli, bring a fundamental knowledge and understanding of both the teaching and learning processes, and the ability to effectively relate to staff, students, and parents. His leadership credo is one which facilitates the empowerment of both students and staff in an environment buttressed by trust, dedication, and effort. Steve’s nature has enabled the implementation of the many innovative teaching tools and practices utilized at Toronto Prep School. His passion for education has kept him active in the classroom, teaching one to two courses per semester. enabling him to make direct connections with students and other teachers. In addition, Steve served as Secretary on the Steering Committee for Magna Carta Canada 2015 and was an Honourary Co-Chair of Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer in 2012. He coached AAA Hockey for 6 years in the Toronto Young Nats and Wexford Raiders organizations, was a Mulock Cup Champion with Victoria College at the University of Toronto and has coached teams to over 40 SSAF Championship banners. Steve is married and has two adult-aged children and two grandchildren. “True learning occurs when you are pushed beyond your comfort zone. For the pushing to be effective and positive, the student must have confidence and trust in the person doing the pushing. It is this special bond that every teacher should aspire to build with each student.”


Oest Eric


Director Of It And Head Of Science

Upon graduating from McGill University in the summer of 2001, Eric found himself working in the IT industry for a subsidiary of Cisco Systems. He discovered that it was a rather solitary profession and his personality was ill-suited for it. Fortunately, a friend happened to need a full-time tutor at a private school in Toronto. He took the job and quickly grew to love interacting with students. Over the course of his first year at the school, he concluded that this was the perfect job for him. 19 years later, he is still teaching and he is still finding new ways to love his job. In addition to coaching numerous sports teams (track and field, cross-country, soccer) and helping out with various other extra-curriculars (Reach for the Top, Model United Nations), Eric is a huge proponent of ensuring that students are computer and technology literate. This involves ensuring that they have access to current technology, but more importantly, it also means ensuring that they are equipped with the skills they will need to thrive in a 21st century work environment. Eric wants learning to be fun. If a student is not engaged in the classroom, the content will not matter and the entire learning experience is diminished. This means that he needs to constantly be learning in order to find the most effective ways to reach students. Secondly, Eric thinks it is important for teachers to understand their student audience in terms of what they expect to gain from a specific course. As a science teacher, he recognizes that not every student will want to or need to become a scientist or engineer. However, he believes that every student should leave high school with a certain degree of scientific literacy. As a society, we need a population that understands the science behind policy decisions. Eric would like to think that his teaching style is based on this premise. A long time ago, Eric had this marvelous thing called free time. He enjoyed playing sports, playing the guitar, and making various cured meats. Currently, Eric is doing everything he can to raise two energetic kids with his wife. He yearns for what he believes to be some well-deserved free time.


Birkett Sandra


Sandra is the Head of the English department, and teacher in the humanities and social science departments. In addition to her role in the classroom, she runs the student leadership programs at TPS, including the Student Council and the House Captains. Sandra attended McGill University, earning a B.A. with a double major in English Literature and World Religions and a minor in Cultural Anthropology. After a number of years working in the publishing industry, Sandra moved to Tokyo to teach English. Upon her return, she completed her B.Ed., and has been teaching English and social science courses at small independent schools in Toronto ever since. Before joining the team at TPS, Sandra completed her MSc. at the University of Edinburgh in the department of Literature, Language, and Culture. Her dissertation focused on the tenuous future of the physical book in the English classroom, and defended its right to remain there as a primary teaching tool. While completing her degree, she presented at academic conferences regarding the design of assessment materials that allow for successful differentiated learning styles, and also got to hold Jane Austen’s very first paycheck in her hands. Sandra combines her boundless enthusiasm for the humanities and social sciences with years of experience in the classroom in her various roles at TPS. She believes that students must develop a strong command of the language, in written and oral contexts, in order to eloquently and elegantly represent themselves. Her classroom is full of laughter. She holds her students to high expectations and is dedicated to helping them achieve them. Sandra is a lifelong learner, shamelessly eager traveler, voracious reader, adventurous cook, and loyal friend. “The very best thing you can be in life is a teacher, provided you are crazy in love with what you teach, and that your classes consist of eighteen students or fewer. Classes of eighteen students or fewer are a family, and feel and act like one.” - Kurt Vonnegut


Bianchi Michelle


Michelle is a passionate educator who has been teaching for 8 years in the field of private education. She earned her Honours Specialist in Visual Arts and Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto and her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Production and Design from Ryerson University. As well, Michelle has acquired her Guidance and Career additional qualification. As a dedicated and motivated arts instructor, Michelle challenges her students to achieve their potential and foster their creativity and imagination to produce works that are uniquely theirs. She instills a passion for learning through art and technology by exposing her students to various artforms and new media while fostering a respectful and diverse classroom. Michelle has been an active member of the school community. In the past, she has successfully designed costumes and makeup for numerous stage productions and has coordinated several art and fashion shows. She has worked to bring her passion of the arts beyond the classroom by running sewing, photography and art clubs. In addition, Michelle’s appreciation for health and fitness has motivated her to be involved in coaching team sports such as softball, soccer, volleyball and bowling. She applies her skills and talent to produce multimedia presentations and the annual yearbook. “The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.”


Collins Stephen


Stephen is in his third year at Toronto Prep School. He earned his Honours Bachelor of Arts (Physical Education/Geography) from Wilfrid Laurier University and his Bachelor of Education from the University of Western Ontario. Stephen has 22 years of teaching experience. He has taught in Japan, the United States, Quebec and Toronto. Stephen is an enthusiastic teacher who always strives for his students to reach their full potential. He is dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive classroom and physical education environment. His class instruction is engaging, encouraging and one where students are encouraged to express their ideas, and in the case of Physical Education, an atmosphere where students can improve their skills. Stephen believes that his role as an educator is not only to provide knowledge, but to provide students with the work ethic and skills that will make them successful as they move forward with their education and their future endeavours. Stephen is actively involved in the Toronto Prep athletic department. He coaches Flag Football, Curling, Badminton and Softball. In his time away from school, he enjoys watching sports, movies and spending time with family. “ I believe that that teaching students that learning is a lifelong endeavour is very important. The process of learning how to work is often more important than the products.”


Mayer Mariola


Mariola brings over 20 years of international and professional experience in the fashion and interior design fields to her post as Head of Visual Arts and Design. Although she was accepted at Parson School of Design in New York she elected to enroll at the American College in London, England earning her Bachelor of Arts (Magna Cum Laude) and her Associate of Arts in Fashion Design from the American College in Lucerne, Switzerland. Mariola's life experiences and passion for art resonate with her students and provide the basis for her commitment to student improvement. After completing her post-secondary school studies, Mariola took the fashion world by storm garnering European Awards that included, Best First Year Design, Most Creative Design and Designer of the Year as awarded by Calida of Switzerland. She apprenticed with internationally recognized designers Yuki in London, England and Emilio Pucci in Florence, Italy. Mariola was then selected by Hishiya Ku to work as a head designer for Burberry in Tokyo, Japan. Women's Magazine of England recognized her as a Top 10 designer of 1985. It was this very year that she started her own label, "Mariola Mayer" showcasing her collections at Holt Renfrew and Lipton's to name a few and ran a very successful fashion wholesale company until her early retirement in 2000. During this time Mariola won the most coveted Woolmark Award of Recognition for Design Excellence in Canada and was awarded a special grant for achieving standards of excellence in design in both 1995 and 1996 by the Matinee Ltd. Fashion Foundation. Mariola previously taught at the post-secondary school level both at the American College in London as well as at the International Academy of Design in Toronto. We were very fortunate to have her come aboard at our inception and head our Visual Arts and Design Department. She is a great believer in exposing students to many different types of art media and to have them push the boundaries of their comfort zone. This enables students the opportunity to showcase their creativity and artistic ability while building a strong portfolio and growing as young artists. Mariola is an avid world traveller. "Teaching enables you to see the stages of growth from the beginning to the end of a course, to see the creativity that comes through a student's artwork when they progress from one stage to another in utilizing their individual talent and improving their skills. It is also a joy to see the reaction of parents when they see the progress, talent and direction their children have exhibited throughout the course."


Oldridge Nathan


Mr. Oldridge is a dynamic and engaging teacher with an obsession for making technical ideas more accessible and understandable. He earned an Honours Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Waterloo, and finished his Master of Science in Environmental Chemistry at the University of Toronto. Mr. Oldridge spent six years tutoring students one-on-one as a freelance math and science tutor, and developed a penchant for allowing students to do work on their own while being gently guided. His teaching philosophy is heavily influenced by Salman Khan’s “The One World Schoolhouse”, which advocates for letting students wrestle with ideas individually and in groups, and practicing their way to mastery with help from both the teacher and other students. The classroom, even the traditionally-solitary math classroom, is enhanced when students are willing to, and feel empowered to, co-operate with each other and help each other understand the material. Mr. Oldridge has assisted the cross-country team and SSAF Boys Indoor Soccer Tournament. He has been a staff contact for the Kazoo Club, Robotics Club and Homeless Relief Club. He is working to help students register for high-school level computing competitions and hackathons. “There’s a sweet spot, in school and in life, where you can use your intuition to figure out this one distinction: Is this a problem I can handle on my own with some effort, or is it something I’m going to need help with? My job as a teacher is to help kids feel out the difference between the two, and to have the courage to go forward either way.”


Sischy Paul


Paul Sischy Position: Department: Subject Areas: Teacher English and Social Sciences and Humanities English, History, and Civics Paul is a highly motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated educator who brings a wealth of experience to his lessons. Paul has been teaching for 14 years in a variety of educational environments including high schools, universities and language schools in different cities including Toronto, Montreal and Kyoto. He earned his Bachelor of Arts (Double Major in History and Humanistic Studies) from McGill University, his Bachelor of Education from OISE at the University of Toronto, his Masters of Arts (History) from Concordia University and his Certificate of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from the International Language Academy of Canada. Paul believes that the desire to learn is instinctive and that students are happiest and most satisfied when learning. Everything he does as a teacher is informed by this belief. As such, his job as a teacher is to facilitate the process of learning and to make it as engaging as possible. To achieve this he tries to teach course content with materials and questions that students relate to and which they find genuinely interesting. He inspires students to deeply engage with the course material. Consequently, course content serves as the context for class analysis and discussion, which in turn become both educational and stimulating. The aim is to have students express themselves in the clearest and most effective way possible. He wants students to be creative, pay attention to detail and take pride in their work. Paul’s classes serve both the requirements of the course as well as provide students with the knowledge and skills to help them in their future education. Paul’s interests are varied. Besides spending time with his young family he is passionate about music (both the listening to and the making of), playing tennis, reading, cooking, and travelling. As a high school student, Paul was taught by Mr. Tsimikalis. Paul is married and has two lovely young children. “Teaching is a dynamic vocation. It is interactive and as a result it changes. My favourite teaching moment is the satisfaction that comes with leading a group of students through an idea and having them run with it.”


Herman Kael


After starting his professional career in Sports and Event Marketing, Kael quickly identified that this was not his chosen path and decided to pursue his passion of teaching. Kael has been teaching since 2013 and earned his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Western Ontario. He achieved his Bachelor of Education in Australia from Southern Cross University in Health and Physical Education and Social Studies. Kael is an enthusiastic, charismatic and passionate teacher who exhibits a zest for teaching and the goal of influencing students to be the best person they can be. Kael is a firm believer in inquiry-based learning, encouraging students to ask questions in order to peak their interest and inquisitions. He is dedicated to creating a classroom that is free from judgment and open to all possibilities. He believes in helping students self-advocate in order to build independence and develop their critical thinking and decision-making skills. Kael has a deep love and passion for sports, playing AA Hockey for 10 years and Division 4 Aussie Rules Football. He believes being part of a team helps promote lifelong character traits such as leadership skills, responsibility, accountability and unity. He loves coaching, being part of the Grade 9 Flag football team, Table Tennis, Elementary Soccer and the U20 Girls Volleyball teams. Kael is also a lover of music, helping out with the Toronto Prep Music Club and sharing, and learning, musical influences with/from students. His favourite band is called Phish! “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”


Johnson Bradley


After teaching for over fifteen years at both the secondary and post-secondary levels, Brad joined the staff of Toronto Prep School in 2016. Brad holds a B.A. in History, a B.A. Honours in Classics, and a M.A. in Classics, all from McMaster University, and he received his Bachelor of Education degree from York University. Brad is a dedicated educator who displays a passion for teaching, as well as historical studies, and who believes that it is his responsibility to assist his students in achieving success in their educational pursuits. Brad’s classroom is stimulating, entertaining, as well as challenging, and he is focussed on providing students with the skills necessary to be successful at both the secondary and post-secondary levels. His lessons are informative and interesting, and he is always cognizant of his students’ diverse learning styles; therefore, he adapts his instructional methodologies to meet the needs of his students. A lifelong learner himself, Brad’s overall goal is to foster a desire in his students to learn more about the subject matter that he presents in class, and to cultivate a love of learning in his students. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Brad supervises the Chess Club and the Card Club. Brad is married, and has two children. “To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child. For what is the worth of human life, unless it is woven into the life of our ancestors by the records of history?”  Marcus Tullius Cicero


Kemp Lauren


Lauren is an enthusiastic and energetic educator who earned her Honours Bachelor of Arts (English) and Bachelor of Education at Brock University. Before joining our staff two years ago, Lauren taught ESL and English courses in both Toronto and St. Catharines. Lauren is dedicated to creating a safe, inclusive, and engaging environment for her students. She believes in teaching students transferable skills and how to think critically. She also feels it is important that students are able to apply the skills they learn in class to their everyday lives. Lauren loves to travel and read. She is also involved in Toronto Prep School’s French Club, GSA and Muses. “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” - John Dewey


Pizzuto Michael


Michael is one of the original staff from Toronto Prep School’s inaugural year in 2009. His teaching experience spans 18 years and two continents. He earned his Bachelor of Environmental Studies from the University of Waterloo and his Bachelor of Education from the University of Ottawa. After teaching for two years in Japan, Michael returned to Canada and has been involved in private education for the past 16 years. Michael’s outgoing personality and his ability to think like his students enable him to turn his classroom into a fun, inviting place where learning occurs. He is a dynamic, resourceful teacher with a genuine interest in students’ social and cognitive growth. Michael is involved in all aspects of TPS may they be education including curriculum development, teacher mentoring and coaching Reach for the Top, the athletic life of the school by coaching basketball, volleyball and hockey or in voluntarily participating in the social fabric by organizing events such as Pancake Breakfast and the NHL House tournaments. One of Michael’s extracurricular highlights thus far was Toronto Prep’s championship win at the Pittsburgh Three Rivers hockey tournament besting some of the top teams in Pennsylvania, as well as winning three TDCAA hockey championships with the TPS Hockey Team. Michael is married and has a son, Noah, and daughter, Emma. He is an avid sports fan, especially of the Montreal Canadiens and counts harassing Toronto Maple Leaf fans as a favourite pastime. Cooking, reading, watching sports, and Sudoku are interests of his. “The classroom should be a place where learning and fun occur at the same time.”


Philip Eliza


Eliza is a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher with four years of experience. Eliza earned her Master in Mathematics from University of Toronto and her M.Sc. in Mathematics in India from Indian Institute of Science. Eliza has been passionate about Math since high school. Her love for the subject is often reflected in her conversations with students. Eliza helps students maintain a positive attitude towards learning. She works to create an encouraging atmosphere for students adaptive to the needs of students of varied Math skills. Eliza enjoys exchanging riddles with students ranging from brain teaser to more challenging problems. Eliza spends her spare time doodling in her sketchbook and digital painting concept art. “Making mistakes is an essential component of learning. How we pick ourselves up, learn and adapt from our mistakes define the type of individual we evolve into.”


Yiasemakis Alexander


The Healthy Living and Personal and Fitness Activities program at Toronto Prep School owes its success to Alex. After attending the University of Toronto (Physical and Health Education) and working as a much sought personal trainer, Alex joined the Toronto Prep School staff in 2010 and built the individualized workout program from the ground up. Alex is a dedicated, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic physical education instructor who devotes his time and energy teaching the benefits of physical education, proper nutrition, and athletic competition. Alex is respected by students, faculty, and parents for his ability to work well with everyone, for supporting his students whenever it is needed and for acting as a mentor. He makes learning fun and believes that it is paramount to earn the students’ trust and must give the same respect you wish to receive in return. His vast personal experiences help him relay the benefits of being active and eating right. In addition, Alex has coached U20 Flag Football, U20 Boys Soccer, and the U20 Golf teams to multiple SSAF banners and the Senior Varsity Boys Hockey team to 3 TDCAA Championships in the past 5 years. “Seeing current and former students continue to follow a healthy lifestyle beyond the borders of the classroom brings a great sense of accomplishment.”


Roy Allison


This is Allison’s fifth year at Toronto Prep School, and eighth year of teaching. Prior to arriving at Toronto Prep School, Allison volunteered in Longido, Tanzania, where she taught ESL to teenaged girls to help them be more successful in their high school studies. Allison also worked in Tasiujaq, a small Inuit community in the Northern Quebec region of Nunavik. In Tasiujaq, she taught English, Social Studies and Art. In her 3rd year of teaching experience, Allison joined the TPS staff as a French, English and Social Studies teacher. Allison is originally from the Ottawa-Gatineau region, which is apparent in the décor of her classroom as it is full of Ottawa Senators paraphernalia. She earned her Bachelor of Arts (major in English, minor in History) from the Concordia University and her Bachelor of Education from the University of Ottawa. Allison is a dedicated teacher, who wants help her students to succeed both academically and socially. She is committed to creating a safe learning environment in which students are willing to take risks. She is passionate about guiding students on their paths to success and to discover their potential as they progress to new milestones. As a French teacher, Allison attempts to make French learning both fun and applicable to everyday life. Allison coaches the Elementary Girls Ball Hockey Team and helps run the TPS Muses. Allison loves travelling and learning about the lives of people from around the world. “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” – Dr. Seuss


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