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Toronto Prep is a chartered member of the Small Schools Athletic Federation (SSAF) and the Toronto District Colleges Athletic Association (TDCAA). Through these athletic organizations, we have the opportunity to compete in a large variety of leagues, meets, and single day events.

Students can currently take part in the following teams at TPS: 


Toronto Prep School - Sport and Athletic Offerings by Season

Traditional Sports


SSAF - Small Schools Athletic Association

TDCAA - Toronto District Catholic Athletic Association


Fall Winter Spring

Ultimate (SSAF)

Hockey (TDCAA) Bowling (SSAF)

Cross Country Running (SSAF, TDCAA)

Ski/Snowboard (SSAF, TDCAA) Badminton (SSAF)

Flag Football (SSAF, Gr.9 TDCAA)

Curling (SSAF) Ball Hockey (SSAF)

Tennis (TDCAA)

Girls Volleyball (SSAF) Track and Field (SSAF, TDCAA)


Boys Basketball (SSAF) Soccer (SSAF)

Girls Basketball (SSAF)

Indoor Soccer (SSAF) Softball (SSAF)

Boys Volleyball (SSAF)

Table Tennis (SSAF)  


Occasional Sports (Have Done in the Past - Based on Student and/or Staff Interest)


Swimming (TDCAA)

  Rugby (TDCAA)  

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