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It is my pleasure to welcome you to Toronto Prep School Athletics

Director's Welcome

Let me begin by saying, the rewards of athletic participation are immediate and enduring for Toronto Prep School student- athletes. At TPS, we consider athletics an integral part of the educational experience. Athletic participation offers unique learning opportunities that complement the cognitive, social and emotional growth that students experience in other areas of school life. We view the competition of athletics as a healthy educational and physiological activity because it challenges each of you to excel, to discover his or her physical limits, and to work cooperatively with team members. In essence, it is about what athletes learn from the experience of competing, it is about how you grow as people and learn about yourselves.

Our coaches and staff are committed to developing a well-rounded student-athlete. Each of the coaches have made a commitment to Toronto Prep Athletics to teach our athletes the skills and strategies of the game, good sportsmanship and the meaning of commitment, responsibility, hard work and sacrifice as well as to instil a competitive edge with each of you.

The Toronto Prep Athletic Department expects that our athletes will make their own commitment to Toronto Prep Athletics by working to develop their own talents to the maximum degree, to represent Toronto Prep Athletics in a positive and competitive way and to show by example a positive attitude and behaviour and a pride in oneself, in one’s family, school and community.

In 2018-2019, over 65% of our students participated in an athletic activity through interscholastic or recreational sport. This amazing statistic is a testament to the commitment made by the students, parents, and administration at TPS. We belong to two leagues SSAF and TDCAA and through TDCAA also belong to OFSSA.

Our first nine years in competition have seen our teams garner 41 SSAF Championship Banners and 4 TDCAA Championships, numerous medals in individual SSAF and TDCAA competitions, 2 York University Hockey Tournament Championships, a championship in the Three Rivers Hockey Tournament in Pittsburgh, and OFSAA representation and medals in tennis, skiing, snowboarding, swimming, cross-country, and track and field.

We encourage you to participate in one or more of the 20 interscholastic sports featuring 48 teams participating at various age groups and in so doing, be richer for the experience.

I look forward to your involvement with Toronto Prep Athletics and to working with you during the 2019-2020 school year. Go Spartans!


Alex Yiasemakis

Athletic Director Toronto Prep School

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