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A step by step guide


The Toronto Prep School works to sustain an environment where students of diverse backgrounds learn together in an atmosphere of acceptance, respect, and appreciation for each other. We are committed to developing students who are confident and responsible and exhibit the values necessary to become effective communicators, informed and productive thinkers, self-directed learners, collaborative workers, skilled information processors and problem solvers.


Admissions Process at a Glance

  • Online or phone request for an application
  • Submission of completed application forms
  • Interview
  • Review of supporting documentation
  • Admissions Committee decision
  • Submission of registration forms if accepting an offer of admission


The Application

Our admissions process is a chance to explore. It is designed to help parents and the prospective candidate make the most informed educational decision. We strive to enable the candidate, his or her family and the School to learn as much as possible about each other in order to determine the suitability of the Toronto Prep School environment for each applicant.

The journey always begins and ends with the individual candidate. The process enables your family to determine if the Toronto Prep School is right for you, does it meet your requirements, is it conducive to your learning style, and does it offer you the opportunity to achieve your goals and ambitions, while affording the school the opportunity to discern the compatibility of each candidate with our education philosophy and expectations. We want to discover who the candidate really is and as such, rely on a detailed application package (including a teacher and community referral, school reports, parent statement and a self assessment completed by the candidate) and an interview rather than writing an SSAT or entrance test. Once a completed application is received, the Director of Admissions will contact the candidate’s parents via email or telephone to arrange an interview.


The Interview

The interview is at the heart of the evaluation process for all parties and will include both the candidate and the parents, together and individually. The dialogue is a cooperative discussion where the candidate is able to communicate their aspirations, needs and wants, passions, talents, attitudes and values, the parents are able to ascertain the role the school will play in their child’s development including curriculum and support programs, and the school will evaluate the candidate’s academic motivation, personality, character, interests and how they learn. Through the application and interview process we will endeavour to evaluate if the candidate and the Toronto Prep School are a compatible fit.

The goal of the Toronto Prep School is to find those students who best fit with our program and values. Students are not chosen merely by their academic qualifications, though these of course play an important part in any decision. We are looking for students who want to be a part of our dynamic community, who are concerned about the wider society and are willing to share their talents and improve their skills. We stress the importance of extra-curricular activities and place effort and character above all.


The Decision

Admission decisions are made by the Admissions Committee. The Committee is comprised of the Director of Admissions, the Principal, and three senior Faculty members. The Admissions Committee reviews all applications immediately following the interview process and determines if there is a need for any further information or documentation. The Committee will make a final decision within three days of the completion of the interview process. Parents will be contacted via email and a letter will be mailed to inform the candidate whether they have been accepted, wait-listed or declined.

If a candidate is accepted, an acceptance offer and a registration package will be issued. If a candidate is wait-listed, he or she will be notified only if space becomes available. If a candidate is declined, no further review will take place. The candidate is welcome to reapply for the following school year.



For successful candidates, the family will have seven days to accept the offer. Acceptance of the offer is acknowledged by submitting the completed registration forms and the registration fee which guarantees your space at the School. Upon completion of the registration process, a meeting will be scheduled for the student and parents with the Principal for course selection. A brief overview of the courses offered can be found on the course offering page of this booklet. A more detailed description of each course can be found in the registration package and on the school website under Academics and the grade level program.

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