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No job too big or small, community service helps us all


Community life is an important part of the learning experience at Toronto Prep.

Our community service program offers you many opportunities to use your skills and talents to benefit those who need them the most and, in the process, to develop leadership, time management, organizational and other skills that will benefit you in university and in life. It is also a great way to explore possible career options while gaining practical experience, developing professional-level skills and contacts, and putting into practice the information you have learned in the classroom.


Each year, every Toronto Prep student will be encouraged to volunteer his or her time and service to both the greater community (global service) and the Toronto Prep campus community (Toronto Prep School community service). Middle School students will be asked to perform 10 hours of service per year, while Upper School students will be asked to perform 15 hours per year, above the 40 hours needed for graduation. The possibilities for service are limited only by your imagination.


For example, you might:

  • Support organizations such as to prepare and serve meals for the needy, or help raise funds for worthy causes;
  • Organize a school dance and serve as a DJ, serve as a tour guide for campus visitors, or teach a class that utilizes your special talents;
  • Mentor younger students, tutor at the after school program, help coach or train younger athletes;
  • Become involved in Student Council.


Toronto Prep School Citizenship Awards

Civic participation is a critical element in the vibrancy and health of our school and greater community, and students who devote time and energy to these pursuits are worthy of recognition for their efforts. Citizenship awards provide encouragement for students to continue these endeavours throughout their school years and beyond.

The awards are intended to honour students who exemplify the qualities of a good citizen. These students are chosen by the faculty using criteria. The criteria for selection of this award is that of being a motivated, caring, achieving and giving individual who is, in the opinion of his or her teachers and peers, a role model for others. Recognition may be for distinguished or continuous voluntary service or for a combination of academic achievement, athletic participation and exemplary volunteer work.


Distinguished Voluntary Service

The distinguished voluntary service award recognizes an individual whose volunteer work has had a remarkable, lasting overall impact on the community or the school. The volunteer work may be a one-time voluntary act with lasting results. It may also include a significant contribution that led to an event or decision with permanent results.


TPS Community Service Award

The continuous voluntary service award recognizes an individual who has had at least 100 hours of volunteer service (60 hours beyond the 40 hours required for graduation) resulting in an identifiable benefit to the school or the community at large.

On this page, you will have access to updates regarding any and all TPS Community Involvement initiatives, events, and the necessary forms and information regarding Community Involvement Hours. All forms available on the site can be found in hardcopy from Ms. Tsimikalis in the Guidance Office 5th floor, as well as any questions answered.


Community Involvement Manual (pdf)


Community Involvement Form (pdf)

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