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For a safe and healthy learning environment

Code of Conduct

The goal of the Code of Conduct is to assist the student body in the achievement and maintenance of a safe and positive learning environment. At the core is respect as outlined in our values section. For the most part, the rules governing conduct at Toronto Prep School are determined by the usual and necessary standards dictated by common sense and civility. Violence, verbal abuse, bullying, opposition to legitimate authority, truancy, destruction of school property, improper or profane language, and chronic neglect of duty will not be tolerated at Toronto Prep.


We must all – students, teachers, administrators, support staff and community members – show pride by doing our share to make the school a better place in which to learn and work. One of the main goals of the Toronto Prep staff is to develop self-discipline in all students.


The following rules apply while on school premises, or any other school related facility during school activities at or away from school, or off the school grounds if the situation is initiated at school. Students shall be given due process before any disciplinary action is taken.


A violation of any rule may result in discipline including, but not limited to:


  • Detention
  • Saturday Club
  • In-School Suspension
  • Out-of-School Suspension
  • Probation
  • Expulsion
  • Compensatory payment of damages
  • Loss of credit for assigned work or tests
  • Assigned work related to the offense
  • Loss of other privileges


The Administration will impose disciplinary action based upon the specific facts of each case. In the event that disciplinary action is necessary, the school will inform parents of the offence and the subsequent decision of the Administration, with a view to remedying the problem. In the interest of fairness and a genuine concern for students and staff, the Administration reserves the right to suspend or expel a student depending on the severity of the situation. It is important for families to understand that any disciplinary measure is designed to ensure an orderly, productive and safe environment for all students and staff.


The Principal is the final recourse in disciplinary situations and reserves the right to interpret and apply any and all disciplinary rules at his discretion.


  1. Attendance: No student shall fail to comply with the attendance policy set out by   Toronto Prep School including, but not limited to, truancy or tardiness. No student shall leave school property or an assigned educational location once he or she has come under the supervision of a school employee, prior to specified dismissal times, without official permission. (See Attendance Policy)
  2. Disruption of School: Students shall not, by the use of violence, force, coercion threat or any other means, cause disruption or obstruction to the normal operation of this school or any other related facility.
  3. Bullying: The school takes all forms of bullying seriously and will take immediate action. Bullying is any intentional electronic, written, verbal or physical act that a student has exhibited toward another particular student more than once and the behaviour causes either mental or physical harm to the other student and is sufficiently severe, persistent or pervasive that it creates an intimidating, threatening or abusive educational environment for the other student. Bullying may be direct or indirect. Direct forms include physical violence and threats; verbal assaults and taunts; the destruction of property; extortion; and unwanted sexual interest or contact. Examples of indirect forms of bullying include ignoring and /or excluding the withdrawal of friendship; malicious gossip and spreading rumours; and abusive or oppressive graffiti. Students shall not bully other students, school employees, persons that are guests of the school or persons conducting business for the school. This category also applies to remarks or actions of a sexual, racial, body image, ethnic or religious nature that are deemed offensive.
  4. Threats: Students shall not, through verbal, written, technological or any other means, make statements that state that physical or emotional harm may come to another person or to an institution.
  5. Use of Obscene Language/Materials: Students shall not use obscene, vulgar or profane language, make inappropriate gestures or possess vulgar materials.
  6. Forgery: Students shall not misrepresent a signature on any document.
  7. Damage of Property: Students shall not cause or attempt to cause damage of school property and related facilities, or personal property. Students shall not touch or handle another person’s property without their authorization. Students must pay for any damages they cause to school equipment, materials or facilities and may be subject to additional disciplinary action.
  8. Assault: Students shall not act or threaten to act in such a way as to cause physical injury to other students, any school employee or other persons. Specific violations include but are not limited to:
      • Fighting/Violence
      • Serious Bodily Injury
      • Threats of fighting, violence, or serious bodily injury (see #4 – Threats)
  9. Failure to Obey Instructions/Insubordination/ Disrespect: No student shall fail to comply with any lawful instructions or requests of teachers, principals or other authorized school personnel during any period of time when he or she is properly under the authority of such school personnel.
  10. Dangerous Weapons and Instruments: Students shall not possess, handle, transmit or conceal any dangerous weapon or instrument on school property, in a school vehicle or at any school-sponsored activity. Toronto Prep School policy requires the expulsion of students in violation of said policy. Firearms (including starter pistols), objects that are indistinguishable from and/or represented as firearms, explosives, incendiary devices and knives (any object with a blade and a handle) are considered dangerous weapons. Other instruments/devices may also be defined as dangerous weapons depending on their use or intended use. Should a student have knowledge of a weapon or dangerous     instrument on school property, in a school vehicle or at a school sponsored activity and not report it to a school employee, the student may be held to the same disciplinary measures as that of the perpetrator.
  11. Narcotics and Drugs: The possession, use, sale, or distribution of any narcotic or being in the company of students using narcotics during school hours at or near the school or at any school function is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate expulsion. Prescription drugs may only be administered as prescribed and cannot be transferable. If there is strong suspicion that a student is under the influence of narcotics, the said student will be removed from the school and a meeting with the student and his/her parents will be conducted to determine if the student will continue at the school.
  12. Alcohol: It is both illegal and unhealthy for teenagers to consume alcohol. Even nineteen year-olds may not consume alcohol during any part of the school day or at any school function. Any violation of the school’s alcohol policy will be deemed a serious infraction of the Code of Conduct and will be dealt with most severely.
  13. Tobacco: Students may not smoke during any part of the school day on school property, associated facilities or adjacent property. Students must refrain from smoking within a 100 metre radius from the school building.
  14. Theft: Students shall respect the personal ownership rights of others. Students shall not take ownership of items of others. The Principal may exercise the prerogative of reporting thefts to local authorities in addition to any school imposed disciplinary action.
  15. Academic Dishonesty: Students shall not give or receive unauthorized information regarding class work or class activities, misrepresent the results of researched or laboratory assignments, or give or receive unauthorized assistance on assignments. Use of electronic translators without permission is a violation of this rule. Repeated violations may result in failure of academic subjects.  (See Academic Dishonesty Section)
  16. Inappropriate Display of Affection: In order to maintain a respectful atmosphere at school, students are to refrain from overt public displays of affection while on school grounds and at school events. This includes sitting on laps, groping, and prolonged kissing. Students may receive clarification from a faculty member as to what constitutes appropriate displays.
  17. Unauthorized or Unsupervised Areas: Students may not be in areas for which they have not been authorized or areas that are unsupervised.
  18. Hazing (Initiations): Initiations of any sort are prohibited. Initiations and/or hazing are those activities into which students are coerced in order to become part of a group or activity or to avoid harm.
  19. Computers: Computers/technology is provided for student use, for teacher-assigned work in courses or programs. (See Computer Usage Policy)
  20. General Misconduct: Students shall refrain from throwing objects, or being abusive or excessively disruptive in their behavior. Respect the rights and feelings of others.
  21. Gross Misconduct: Repeated violations of Code of Conduct.
  22. Dress Code: The Dress Code is covered in a separate section.
  23. Other Violations: Other conduct unbecoming to Toronto Prep School students not covered in the above rules.


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